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Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Re-Importation of Singapore-Made Goods/Goods of Foreign Origin

The Goods & Services Tax (Imports Relief) Order provides for GST relief on goods which were exported and subsequently re-imported into Singapore. For taxable persons registered with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), the relief will obviate the need to pay and claim GST on such re-imported goods.

Categories of Re-Imports for GST Relief

The following types of goods which may be granted GST relief on re-importation into Singapore and the required documents are given below:

Type Goods Requisite Document
I Goods manufactured, assembled or produced in Singapore In-Non-Payment Permit
II Goods which have been supplied or imported into Singapore prior to export In-Non-Payment Permit
III Goods temporarily exported for repair, rental In-Non-Payment Permit
IV Bona fide trade samples temporarily exported to solicit orders In-Non-Payment Permit
V Singapore-registered motor vehicles exported to overseas destinations and vehicles exported to participate in sports, racing or similar event In-Non-Payment Permit
VI Horses, private or recreational boats or aircraft In-Non-Payment Permit

The first 2 categories may be goods which are returned to Singapore by the overseas customers due to defects or failure at quality control tests. They may also be returned to Singapore upon completion of projects or assignments or expiry of lease to overseas customers. In other instances, these are goods which participated in overseas exhibitions, fairs or similar events or were used for performances or shows overseas.

Conditions to be Fulfilled
  1. The goods must be identified to Customs to have been those previously exported from Singapore.
  2. In the case of manufactured goods, the importer must satisfy Customs that the goods have not undergone any processing or manipulation outside Singapore since their exportation.
  3. In the case of goods exported for repair, GST relief would be granted on the original remaining parts as well as new parts if the repair had been carried out at no charge under the terms of a warranty or guarantee agreement.
  4. Goods under categories III and IV should be re-imported within 3 months from the date of export while those exported under Category VI should be re-imported immediately after the event.
  5. The importer of a vehicle under category V must be able to satisfy Customs that there was no change of ownership of the vehicle while it was outside Singapore.
  6. Where the re-import is made by a non-taxable person, the GST should have been paid previously and has not been refunded.


The export and re-import of the goods should be covered by a Customs OUT (Re-imported Goods) Permit and a Customs In-Non-Payment (Re-imported Goods) Permit respectively. For the re-import of goods under categories V, the importer should obtain a Customs In-Non-Payment (GST Relief with Duty Exemption) Permit. Customs permits are applied electronically through the TradeNet® System.

At the time of export, the exporter must produce the goods together with the Customs OUT Permit, invoice and shipping documents to Customs at the exit point for verification. Similarly at the time of re-import, the importer must present to Customs at the entry point the goods together with the following documents:
  1. the Customs In-Non-Payment Permit
  2. the previous Customs OUT Permit
  3. the commercial invoice & packing list
  4. bill of lading or airway bill
  5. supporting documents for the approved In-Non-Payment Permit

Application for Customs Inward Permit for Category V and VI

Before an importer can apply for a Customs In-Non-Payment Permit under Category V, he must first register with Customs as a claimant. To register as a claimant, the importer has to complete a registration form ( DOC 454kb ) and fax it to the address indicated below.

Head, Procedures & Processing Branch
Singapore Customs
55 Newton Road,
#08-01, Revenue House.
Singapore 307987
Fax: 6250 960

Alternatively the form could be submitted through the Customs website via the E-services option.

Use of ATA Carnets

In lieu of Customs permits, ATA carnets, which are obtainable from the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, may be used to cover the export and re-import of the goods. Carnets may likewise be used for the temporary export and re-import of goods which were originally imported under the Major Exporter Scheme.

Prior to the export, the exporter should apply through e-filing to Permits Compliance Branch for inspection of the goods. Advance notice of 24 hours is required for arrangement of such inspections.

Granting of GST Relief

GST relief would be granted if Customs is satisfied that the goods re-imported are those previously exported from Singapore and that the conditions for the relief have been fully complied with. If not, a GST of 7% based on the CIF value of the imported goods will be collected.


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