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Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Importation of Motor Vehicles in Singapore

The importation of motor vehicles for local use has to be declared to Customs through a duty and GST payment permit. A duty rate of 20% of the Customs value will be levied on a motor car while a duty rate of 12% of the Customs value will be levied on a motorcycle or scooter. A 7% GST will also be levied on the CIF value (cost, insurance and freight) plus the duty payable.

Determining the Customs Value of a Motor Vehicle

The Customs value of the motor vehicle is derived from the transaction value, i.e. the price paid or payable for the imported vehicle. Overseas freight and insurance charges are included to establish the Customs value in CIF. The transaction value needs to be adjusted to reflect other charges including commissions, assists (materials supplied by the importer), packing costs, proceeds of resale accruing to the seller, royalties and licence fees, and etc.

To determine the Customs value of the motor vehicle to be imported, a declaration in the format as per Form SC-A-012 ( Doc.299kb ) has to be submitted to Customs with the following documents:
  1. Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading,
  2. Freight and Insurance Papers,
  3. Bills/Receipts relating to other charges,
  4. Documents relating to exhaust emission test, windscreen test, etc,
  5. Vehicle Data Card,
  6. Vehicle's registration and/or de-registration documents (if previously registered), and
  7. A manufacturer's letter confirming the date of manufacture of the vehicle.

Payment of Duty and GST

On receipt of the value of the vehicle determined by Customs, an In-Payment (Duty and GST) Declaration through the TradeNet® System has to be lodged. An agent can be appointed to lodge the declaration on the Importer's behalf. No refund of duty and GST paid will be made once the vehicle has been removed from Customs control/FTZ.

Important Note

Please check with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for their latest requirements before you import your vehicle.


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