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Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

The Largest and Most Up-To-Date List of US Importers Available

Want To Start Exporting
Or Increase Your Exports
To The USA?

The keys to your success are on this CD

The Database List of US Importers and Guide To Successful Marketing And Selling To US Importers will give you the information you need to be successful exporting to the USA and a list of prospective American buyers to start your marketing campaign.

Part 1: The Database List

The American Importers Association offers a large list of US importers who are ready to buy and import many different kinds of products. These importers are looking for products to resell (retailers/wholesalers/
distributors) or to use themselves (manufacturing/

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List of American importers

Part 2: The Guide

Earlier this year we contacted over 1,500 US importers to find out how today's high tech -internet world has changed the way that US importers want to be contacted. The results of this research have been put into this guide that shows the best ways to market and sell to importers in the US (and also around the world).

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2010 Edition
Mailing Addresses Updated November 2009.
US $75, plus $7.50 shipping

Part 1: Database List of US Importers and Buying Agents

A database list of approximately 13,000 US importers and buying agents of foreign products in a wide variety of sectors, including:

- company name

- postal/mailing address
..... 87% of US importers in our survey prefer to be contacted by mail.
..... Direct mail marketing is by far the best way to sell your product or service.

- e-mail address/web site address (if available - see below)

- telephone/fax numbers (if available)

- buyer's name (if available)

- the products imported by that US importer.

Also included is a list of 153 of the most popular B2B web sites used by importers today in the USA and around the world.

Note: Of the companies on the list, approximately 2,300 include the e-mail address and approximately 1,250 also include the web site address.

After you select prospective customers from our list it is very easy to transfer this list to Microsoft Word to print sales letters, envelopes or labels, to transfer this list to Excel to view them as a spreadsheet, or to add them to your own list of prospective buyers.

Part 2: Guide To Marketing And Selling To US Importers

Fourteen chapters of information that will help you be successful in exporting to the USA.

- The Steps in Selling To US Importers

- Best Ways to Market And Sell To US Importers

- How NOT To Market And Sell To US Importers

- Reasons Exporters Are Not Successful In The Us Market

- What Are The Main Opportunities For Exporting To The USA

- How To Be An Agent Or Middleman For US Importers

- Making Sure You Get Paid

- How To Know If A US Importer Is Reliable

- Sample Sale Letters

- Using E-Mail To Market And Sell

- Designing Your Web Site To Get The Most Sales Inquiries

- Sell At Trade Fairs

- Using B2B Portal Web Sites

- Helping Your Buyer Get The Shipment Through US Customs

Using the database list and the information in the guide can be very effective in finding new customers in the USA for your products.



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