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Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

How to Profit on the High Road

by Sam Glenn
What is the high road? The high road is the path that we choose to walk every day. It’s a road filled with amazing rewards and benefits. It’s the narrow road. It’s not a very crowded road. Some don’t even know it exists. It’s a road where we are guided by principle over feeling. The high road is paved with principles that offer us more freedom and fulfillment than the low road. It takes work and effort to walk this road, but it is definitely well worth it. It's not always the most popular way to go, but deep down you know it’s the right way. You understand that the gains are not always quick, but the long-term rewards are beyond imagination.

The low road is paved with compromise. It is where the principles are not as important or valued. It’s where feelings deceive and the consequences can be drastic. There might be short term gain, but there always follows long term pain.

Some call it a gift; others call it a power. We all make hundreds of them daily…choices. Choices determine who we become, what we get, where we go. You are who you are because you have chosen to be that. You feel the way you feel because you have chosen to feel that way. It’s the choices we make that will put us on the high road or low road.

Think about the choices you make on a daily basis. Do you feel confident that they are taking you on the path of the high road? Is trust destroyed or built when you make choices? Are people lifted up or knocked down because of your choices?

It does not matter where you are or where you have been, but rather where are going to go from this point on. Maybe you have done things that you are not proud of. You cheated, lied, or did something unethical. If you have realized that what you did was not right, learned from it, attempted to reconcile it and move on…that is the key to walking the high road.

Take an inventory of the principles that rule your life and lead you onto the high road.

Here are a few principles, Integrity, Self-Control, Responsibility, Balance, Sense of Humor, Care, Understanding, Courage, Persistence, Honesty, etc.

Every day is an opportunity to walk the high road. to make decisions based off the principles listed above or positive ones not listed. When you make healthy choices based off solid character principles, you will benefit yourself and others. You will find yourself walking the path of greatness. You will leave an awesome path for others to follow and grow in your footsteps. It’s important to know, the temptation to walk the low road is always there. Simply put, to compromise. Some people will build a sufficient and logical case to lure you to the low road. You may even suffer criticism from those walking the low road. There are times that things may seem just unfair. But fear not, walking the high road is the only road that greatness a profit. A profit of trust, honest wealth, healthy relationships, business and professional success and peace of mind.

The Key to Making “High Road” Choices: When faced with a choice that requires you to choose between the high road of character or the low road of compromise, you place the principle (example Integrity) in front of the choice. You seek the wise counsel of others. You ask questions. Will this hurt others or myself? Is this the right thing to do? Am I making my choice based off feeling or principle? Then you make your choices.

Sam Glenn is a national speaker and author who empowers people from all walks of life to achieve profitable results through having the right attitude. Visit him at


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