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Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

How to Keep a POSITIVE and PROFITABLE Attitude in Times of Uncertainty

by Sam Glenn

Attitude is best defined as a state of mind, perception or an interpretation regarding a situation. Things in life often have the meanings we give them. Right now, we are encountering times of uncertainty. Our country has been hit hard by economic challenges, acts of terrorism, and constant downsizing. Situations like this can cause us to adopt a less than empowering attitude. The good news is, there are specific things that we can do to keep a positive and profitable attitude that will benefit us and others in measurable ways, no matter how confusing or challenging times may become.

First, do a personal evaluation. What is the state of your current attitude? On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being low and unhealthy, and 10 being very positive and healthy, where would you rank your attitude? Do you find yourself complaining a lot, losing your temper, treating others with less respect, not caring, being impatient, reacting negatively when you hear bad news, handling situations in ways that seem to hurt you and others more, have suffering relationships, or hear discouraging words coming out of your mouth?

If you answered yes to any of these, you may need what Zig Ziglar calls, “A check up from the neck up.” It simply means we acknowledge our current attitude and give it the attention it needs so that it will empower us rather than defeat us.

There are no benefits to you or anyone around you to live life in a state of self-defeat or mediocrity. Your world around you will be a reflection of that attitude, a self-fulfilling prophesy. Your perceptions and meanings will determine how you do your work, treat others, and deal with challenges that come your way.

Evaluate your influences. Influences affect our thinking. They are what we read, watch and who we associate with. Influences can be any things that go into our minds. If you want to change your behavior, you have to start by changing your influences or input. What this does is change your thoughts, and when you change your thoughts, your perceptions change, your meanings about situations change and your overall outlook changes. So if you have negative input, you will produce negative output at work, with family, in relationships and in your health. But conversely, if you have positive input, you will have positive output and more dynamic and beneficial results in all areas of your life.

Take a mind shower. Health experts tell us to drink eight glasses of water a day. Why? Because it's fun to go to the bathroom all day? No. Because it gives the body oxygen, which gives us energy. It also flushes unhealthy toxins out of the body. The same concept is true of the human mind; we have to flush out unhealthy, self-defeating thoughts. Research experts estimate that close to 80% of our non-verbal or self-talk is most of a negative nature. So literally we are beating ourselves up all day with poor thinking. The key to change is a desire to change, a willingness to change, taking the right actions that will create right and positive change for our life and then following through. Take a mind shower and get the toxins out. Put good stuff in your mind, read good material, watch less TV, get around encouraging people. What happens when we do this is that we begin to let go of limiting beliefs about ourselves and what we are truly capable of achieving in life.

Treat your body right. Our attitude is most tested when we are tired, hungry and stressed. To prevent a defeating and out of control attitude from coming on, we have to eat right, rest right and exercise right. The way we feel will also have a dramatic affect on our attitude. If your attitude is not right, this is your fault and yours alone. Having the right attitude is a choice. What you are willing to do determines what you are ready to get.

Never underestimate the power of the right attitude. The right attitude is what causes a person to rise or fall in life. It's what can take a person from being a cancer patient to a cancer survivor. It's what can get you the sale, build the relationship, overcome challenges and maximize your life. A study was done of 3,000 top achievers, and 85% of them attributed their success to their attitude. Companies are bombarded with resumes from people are have the education, experience and qualifications, yet what is the one thing that will make some stand out from the crowd? The right attitude. Yes, skills are a necessity today, but what will make those skills work more effectively and serve you and others better is the right attitude working through them.

Having a positive attitude won’t take away the challenges of the world or what you encounter personally. What a healthy and positive attitude will do is empower you to deal with challenges and situations in a quicker, more effective and healthier way. The right attitude will lead you to the right meanings, perceptions and solutions that would not otherwise come if you had a negative and defeating attitude.

The results you desire come with consistency and commitment. See what is working and what is not, and change your actions accordingly.

Sam Glenn is a national speaker and author who empowers people from all walks of life to achieve profitable results through having the right attitude. Visit him at


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