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Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

Things I Should Know About Starting a Business - The 3 Most Important Things You Must Do First!

Becoming your own boss is a common dream for so many people. But more often than not, it seems to remain just an idea. So how can you make it a reality when it's something you're actually serious about? Well, for starters, you need to ask yourself, "What are the top things I should know about starting a business?" The following is an answer to this important question.

The 3 Top Steps to Starting a Truly Successful Business:

1- Plan Out Your Goals: If you are still in the initial stages of determining what things I should know about starting a business, then you will need to be sure to write out your financial and business goals. Make a timeline as well for when you hope to achieve them. Why do you want to start a business and what do you hope to accomplish? Do you want something hands-on that will require your presence in order to run smoothly or are you hoping for something more automated to allow a more flexible schedule for travelling and family time?

2- Choose Amazing Mentors: The second most important thing I should know about starting a business is to secure a mentor who can help coach and guide you towards success in your chosen field. The most successful people in business have all made it a point to surround themselves with many people and at least one close mentor who can be a positive influence and show them the ropes. You can learn from their failures and triumphs and have a huge advantage in your own personal journey towards business ownership!

3- Study Online Marketing: Possibly the most important of the things I should know about starting a business, is that in this day in age, almost everything is done online. Most of the world tends to shop, socialize, communicate and do business online. So whether you intend on owning a bricks and mortar business or something using the power of the internet, you will need to understand how to market your business online.

Unfortunately some people think that having a website will be enough when it comes to building an online presence. But when you consider the sheer enormity of the world wide web, you need to understand that just having a website without putting any real time into properly marketing and advertising your business online to drive people to your websites, you'll likely just float around the internet and never be found. So it is crucial that you enroll in an online marketing and mentoring school with the ability to train you in the important skills of online branding and internet marketing.

Things I Should Know about Starting a Business: What you Need to Do Now!

So, as you set out to discover the things I should know about starting a business, be sure to have your clear goals in mind, follow an already successful mentor's lead and of course you must learn how to market your business online in order to be competitive in your industry and build your brand and awareness among your target audience and clientele.

Be sure to look for an online marketing program that not only teaches the top internet marketing techniques but also provides on-going, live training for their members, keyword research to use in your marketing campaigns and all of the other top business tips and strategic trends that are going on in business today so that you can continue to stay on top of your game!

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Shawn Stoik is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Top Internet Marketer and International Business Coach who trains both Total Beginners and Seasoned Pros around the world to achieve Financial Freedom by creating Wealth and Prosperity Online!

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By Shawn Stoik Platinum Quality Author

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