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Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

How to Build Small Business Credit Fast

Whether it's small or large scale, every business needs a steady and consistent source of funding. The easiest and best means to achieve sufficient funding before start up is to build business credit fast.

The first and foremost consideration should be to separate your personal life from your business life. This is done effectively by keeping personal and business accounts totally separate for the lifetime of your business. Doing this will serve to protect your personal credit should your business fall on rocky times and its credit worthiness declines.

To establish business credit fast, you will need to do all of the typical necessary tax related items such as acquiring any permits, licenses as well as an Employer Identification Number. This will prevent you from having to input your own personal social security number into credit applications and again will protect your private identity from anyone who might seek to exploit your personal information. Many take the extra step of incorporating their business so that credit can be obtained without having to endure the rigors of a personal credit check.

After you acquire business credit, the next thing to do to get your credit truly established is to begin using it. As you obtain, use, and faithfully pay on your business credit account each month, you are building a reputation as a safe business credit risk and will be more likely to be offered even more attractive credit offers.

One advantage of business credit is that creditors tend to extend higher limits of credit. There are also many other perks which can be enjoyed such as cash back incentives, and travel discounts. These incentives may be accumulated over time and used by the business owner as he or she wishes.

You can seek to establish credit by means of credit cards, loans from banks or other funding sources. Before applying for business credit from any one of theses sources, you should make an inquiry as to what the creditor will require before approving to extend your company a line of credit. Most banks will require standard business documentation as well as a basic business plan. Have all of these documents on hand and ready to fax before you make your first inquiries. This will prevent any delays in getting approved and in most cases will answer the most basic questions that the lender will likely need answered.

As you build your credit, make a consistent check with the credit bureaus to ensure that your lenders are reporting accurately and in a timely manner. The important thing is to build business credit fast. By employing the aforementioned tactics, your business should be well funded.

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How to Build Small Business Credit Fast
By E. Santos

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