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Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

Build Your Small Business Credit

Building credit for a small business is quite simple. The credit market has been paralyzed by the recent economic turmoil. Businesses that plan ahead can still build up their credit history with the credit bureaus and acquire the financing that they require.

First it is important that your business have some type of formal structure. This could be either an LLC, S-Corp, or Corporation. Being a sole-proprietor allows for unlimited liability. In addition one may be criticized for not spending a small amount of money on the business structure before going into business. Make sure to have a physical address whether it be a home office or an office building. Also register a land line phone for your business so that an account is started with the phone company.

Second begin to spend. Ideally you should be able to acquire a small loan backed by capital. When you are attempting to build small business credit you should attempt to receive the loan from a major business credit reporting agency. The major credit reporting agencies for businesses include Dunn & Bradstreet and Experian. These agencies will build the credit that you need in order to make larger purchases in the future.

There are some businesses that say that they specialize in selling references or credit histories for businesses. Do NOT purchase these. Any company that sells anything related to credit references is most likely committing fraud. The credit bureau will investigate these false credit files and will purge them from your credit history if they are discovered.

The best method to build small business credit is to first take out a small secured loan. This loan should be only one or two thousand dollars. The lending institution may or may not be willing to distribute this loan without any collateral. When you attempt to acquire small business credit try to contact the financial institution you already do your banking with. They may be more interested to work with you than a bank that you have never had an account with before.

Finally make sure that you have a written business plan. A well written business plan can allow a lender to see where you would like to take your business. Small business credit does not have grow overnight. It takes a period of time as well as a large amount of energy. A business that is successful will receive a better credit rating.

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Build Your Small Business Credit
By E. Santos


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It's also recommended to start small so you foresee what works from a vantage point and when you do expand you know how to handle it.

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