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Minggu, 14 Maret 2010

Goods Subject to Control in singapore

The import, export and transhipment of some goods are subject to the control of Controlling Agencies.

Some Controlling Agencies require you to apply for approval or a licence prior to the import, export or transhipment of the controlled goods.

You are required to submit the permit applications to the relevant Controlling Agencies through the TradeNet® system for processing and approval before importing, exporting or transhipping the goods that are subject to control.
For a list of Controlling Agencies in Singapore, please click here ( DOC 37kb ).
Please click here ( DOC 152kb ) to view the list of controlled imports and here ( DOC 136kb ) to view the list of controlled exports.
For a more comprehensive list of items that are subject to control by the relevant Controlling Agency, please refer to the below appendices:
  • Appendix A - Items under IMPORT control ( DOC 875kb )

  • Appendix B - Items under EXPORT control ( DOC 41kb )

  • Appendix C - Items under IMPORT & EXPORT control ( DOC 2,188kb )

  • Appendix D - Items under IMPORT, EXPORT & TRANSHIPMENT control ( DOC 227kb )

  • Appendix E - Not in use

  • Appendix F - Not in use

  • Appendix G - Items under IMPORT control for CONTROLLED & DUTIABLE HS ( DOC 74kb )
To apply for approval/licence from Controlling Agencies, please click here.



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