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Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

Safe Trading Practices

Trade with confidence is committed to powering global business. To make your trading experience safe and simple, we provide as much information as possible about potential buyers and sellers.

We want you and your trading partners to make informed business decisions. TradeSafe Tips are designed to help you take advantage of to identify trading partners that are professional and trustworthy. In addition to reading the information below, TradeStaff have published information from the Internet Fraud Complaint Center on preventing online fraud.

Business is about people
Learning more about your trading partner is a critical part of business decisions. In global trade - especially online import and export - there is little room for error in choosing a trustworthy supplier or relying on a credible buyer.

The vast majority of internet introductions result in a successful partnership which generates profit for both the importer and exporter. Nevertheless, it is important that you protect yourself from the unlikely possibility of fraud that may occur, due to the concealment of a partner's true identity and/or intentions.

There are a number of actions you can take to research your potential business partner whom you have met on the internet, so that you can reduce the risk of being subject to a fraudulent transaction or business misunderstanding. Before you trade, please review our TradeSafe Tips.

If you suspect fraud…
There are several actions you can take if you suspect an member of fraud:

  • Contact the member and arrange a telephone call or face-to-face meeting. This usually resolves the situation. Most buyers and sellers are honest and dependable and problems may simply be a matter of misunderstanding due to language or cultural differences.

  • If you suspect your potential partner of fraud, we recommend that you inform law enforcement authorities.

  • You should also report to any suspected abuse of our website by members, so that we may review the status of the member's account. Simply log in, then click Contact Us and describe the situation.


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