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Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

Grants, Venture Capital and Angel Investors

Grants, Venture Capital and Angel Investors

Are you interested in finding a grant for your business? Grants can be hard to come by, and there are many "government grant" scams out there, so be careful. According to the Small Business Administration, the Federal government does not provide grants for starting or expanding a business.

Yes, state and local groups do offer grants, as well as non-profits and other organizations, but this is generally not "free money". Keep in mind that a small business grant may need to be combined with other financing or funds matched. has a small business grant/loan/financing search tool on their website that you can use for free to help you find money to help finance your business: Grant, Loan & Finanancing Search Tool for small businesses.

If you need to find a grant writer, Allied Grant Writers is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company that offers business grant writing, non profit grant writing and federal grant writing services. They also write mini grant proposals and offer several other grant related services.


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