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Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

Turbulent Times Force One Man To Discover and Live His Dream

by Sam Glenn
It is no secret that the state of our economy can affect the course of any man’s life. Sam Glenn, a 32-year-old native of Naperville, IL., was broke, depressed, and getting by working as a nighttime janitor and delivering newspapers just to pay the bills and put food on the table. The only place he had to sleep was on the borrowed floor space offered by friends and family, or often in his car… until he made a few small changes that made a big difference.

In 1995, Sam took ownership of a company that sold wild bird products throughout the United States. It seemed like a lucky break, until the warehouse that stored and assembled his products burned to the ground. Just about everything Sam owned, including his pride, went up in flames. No longer able to pay his bills, he took a night job as a janitor. Depression seemed to grab the best of Sam, until he made an amazing discovery-- a discovery that he now travels America sharing.

With almost no money or dignity, Sam had little more to lose. So he thought about where he was, and where he wanted to be. He realized that he was where he was in life because of his choices. These choices would powerfully determine where he would go, and what he would achieve. He decided he wanted more. He wanted his life to be filled with meaning, value and purpose. Life wasn't being unfair to him; it was giving him the information he needed. Life was more deserving than what he was giving it. It was up to him to pay attention to it, and adapt his choices for a better outcome. So he began to change the way he made decisions, paying extra attention to the outcome of each, and adapting them if they did not produce the effect he desired. The results snowballed. And in the process, he became convicted with the knowledge that our choices build momentum and move us in the direction of our dreams, bringing wealth, and inspiring amazingly fulfilling relationships. But we must make a commitment to discern which choices will bring the best results, moment by moment. We are our own project, and we require constant monitoring.

Today, Sam Glenn has taken this lesson on the road. He is the CEO of his own prosperous speaking and seminar company. Sam is regarded as among the top motivational speakers in America. He has worked with hundreds of organizations, professional athletic teams, and such esteemed groups as the Billy Graham Association. He was the closing speaker for the 2002 National Speakers Association Conference. Sam delivers from 100 to 150 speeches in a given year. He has been compared to such personal development experts as Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar. Sometimes he is even compared to Jim Carrey. But Sam is his own person.

When asked why there is as such a demand to have him speak, he stated, “People are hungry for assurance. People have allowed themselves to be hypnotized by their circumstances. I see myself as one who lets people know how valuable they are and puts a call to action in their hearts-- a call to act on their dreams and stop living a mundane life. We all need to be reminded of the little things. For example, I walk into Wal-Mart and walk out 10 minutes later, forgetting where I parked my car. How much more apt are we to forget how to make our lives truly great? Being reminded of what we know is simply bringing what’s deep within us to the surface and giving it life action.” Sam credits his success to many things. “I credit success to my faith in God, amazing relationships and perseverance. Sometimes we sell ourselves short before our time comes. We hit the wall or a dead end and think it’s a sign to give up. Hardship is how you see it. I see it as a sign to become greater and grow. The most successful people in the world are successful because they fail more than anyone else, yet they are what I call good failures. They don’t personalize failure. They make a choice to rise again, no matter what the odds are. The key is letting go of the excuses, looking beyond our current circumstances, and being willing to make our life count for a worthy purpose. When we do that, we discover our meaning and value, the reason why we showed up on Mother Earth.”

Sam Glenn is a national speaker and author who empowers people from all walks of life to achieve profitable results through having the right attitude. Visit him at


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