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Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

Success - It's A Habit

by Shannon Herod
You hit the snooze button three time before you get out of bed and when you finally do its off to the kitchen for your morning cup of coffee. As you sit at the kitchen table with the morning paper in one hand and the coffee in the other you are totally oblivious to the fact that this is what you did yesterday and what you will do tomorrow. It's a habit that you have been practicing for years.

Creatures of habit

We are all creatures of habit. According to a habit is
1. an established custom or
2. a pattern of behavior acquired through frequent repetition.
We all have successful habits and destructive habits. The key is to constantly be looking for the destructive habits and filter them out. You can retrain your habits but it takes focus, commitment and a true desire to change. The longer you have possessed a habit the hard it is to retrain and the easier it is to slip back to the habit. Yes it will take work on your part but the rewards far out way the consequences if you do not break the habit. You live almost your entire life through the habits you have formed. With that said would you agree that a successful habit would further you toward your goals and a destructive goal would render you from achieving success?

Finding The Destructive Habits

If you would like to fix a broken down car you would first have to find the problem. The same holds true with your habits. In order to correct your daily habits you first will have to identify your destructive habits. This is not an easy task because you are going to have to criticize your favorite person, YOU! The best way to do this is to sit down and make a list of what you believe are destructive habits. Be honest with yourself or you will only be setting your self up for failure. Next ask the people you are close to give you their opinion on what they believe are your destructive habits. This will hurt your pride a little but people often see what you are blind to within yourself. Now tack that list and prioritize to the destructive habits by placing the most critical on the top and the least on the bottom of the list.

Destruct The Destructive

Retraining a destructive habit into a successful habit must start by defining the successful habit that will replace the destructive habit. Clearly define the benefits of changing and take possession of them because this is what is going to motivate you to stay focused. For example if you drink soda all day and you want to be healthier you would want to replace the soda with water. The benefits would be more energy, a cleaner system and a longer life. Now you need to take action. You do this by controlling your urge to drink soda and consciously replace it with water. Practicing this for a month or more will make drinking water a habit and you will start subconsciously grabbing water instead of a soda.

Success Is A Habit

As you start to slowly reform you life with successful habits you will want to start finding Successful people to start modeling your important habits around. If somebody already made a mistake learn from it. Find out what the most successful people in the field you are pursuing do day to day. What do they read, who do they associate with, how do they exercise, how do they set their goals and model your habits around them. Truly successful people; by that I mean people who are successful in all aspects of life such as work, family, and friends; made it to the top by practicing daily habits. Do not try to invent the wheel. Every success is built on a system to follow so why not make it simple and model a system that works. I believe everyone will always have a destructive habit to break. As long as you are searching for and fixing your destructive habits you will be on the road to success. "By systematically improving 1 behavior at a time you can dramatically improve your over all lifestyle."- The Powerof Focus

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