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Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

How To Master The Art Of Copywriting Sales Letter!

by Gley Yahya 
“A copywriter is a salesperson sitting in front of a typewriter.” Well said, even if no one of us is using a typewriter these days. The principal, however, remains the same.

No matter what business you are involved in, there is one thing you must do to make the most of your business, and that is copywriting sales letter. If you don’ know how to write a business letter, you will radically decrease your chances of success.

A well-written sales letter is the most vital piece of any direct response marketing campaign. Write a good one and you can literally make a fortune. Write them regularly and you can make excellent money helping others to make fortunes. 

What You Need to have in order to create a sales letter that kills:

- Good writing skills - Since you will be writing your own sales copy, you will need to have good writing skills and a good command of English, at least. 

- Personality - You need personality. You will be writing somewhat a personal letter from you to your prospects so be friendly and open-minded in your letter. Don’t write a rigid letter, because not only it is boring to read, but also it turns people away from your web page as fast as you get them!

Inject your personality as much as possible into your copywriting sales letter. Be creative, be yourself, feel free to inject humor, and try to have fun as you write your sales letter. You’ll be amazed by the response. 

And last but not least, you need…

- To take action! There is wealth of information on copywriting sales letter at your fingertips. Use them to learn, model them as the PRO do, but don’t waste them by not doing anything with the information!

How to practice copywriting sales letter!

1 - If you've never written one of these letters, we'd like you to try an exercise. Write a sales letter and keep it to one or two pages. Tell your potential customers everything s/he ever wanted to know about your product in your sales letter. Focus on you product’s benefits. Write how your product can benefit them, how it can make their life better, why it is useful and which problems it helps to solve. 

It doesn't stop there! You've got to tell the client about the benefit in an interesting, let's say, compelling way.

Make sure you create curiosity so the reader has to read on to know. The longer you can keep the reader hanging, the more likely they'll read to the end and take action.

Create an eye-catching headline that grab the reader’s attention and pulls them to read more. Use power words like, “new”, “revolutionary”, “discovery”, etc, to arouse curiosity and entice the prospect to read further.
2 - Select a sales letter that you think is pretty good (you can do a search on Google for a good sales letter). Paste the business letters into a separate word document and save it into a new folder on your hard drive for easy retrieve.
3 - Compare your sales letter to the letters you found and saved earlier. 

- Analyze your selected sales letters. How has the writer attracted your attention? What about the copy keeps you interest? Are you stimulated to want to know more about the product being advertised? What action must you take? Are all of these points covered in the sales letter? How strongly are you "turned on" by the sales letter?

- Read your sales letter over a couple of times, and write a short comment: Does your business letter have the same impact and tone? Is it bad, so-so, or good? If it’s bad, why? Is it lost in the crowd, doesn't attract attention, doesn't hold the reader’s interest, nothing special to make the reader want to own the product, no demand for action, etc…

- Rewrite your sales letter. Do what it takes to create an effective sales tool. Include the missing elements until you fell you're satisfied that the sales letter you've rewritten is perfect. 

Do the same exercise each day for the next month or so and remember, the more business letters you write, the easier the writing process will become.

It takes time and regular practice to master copywriting sales letter, but you can do it.

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