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Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

How To Get Consistent Sales Online

by Biana Babinsky 

Many business owners who struggle in their business tell me that they struggle because they get very inconsistent sales. They can get a new client once in a while, they sell an e-book or two every month, but they don't get anymore sales.

Because they have such inconsistent sales, they don't make a lot of money in their business. Having inconsistent sales also means that they can't schedule events and teleclasses. Since few people buy their products, they will not be able to fill up their teleclasses or other events, and they will not be able to make money with them.

Inconsistent sales also cause a lot of stress. Not knowing whether you will have sales next week or next month creates a high-stress and high-pressure environment for many business owners.

It is much easier to run your business if your business brings in consistent sales. With consistent sales you make more money, you have enough clients, you are able to plan ahead for your business, and you are successful.

So how to turn slow, inconsistent sales into consistent sales? Consistent sales can take your business to a whole new level. I have analyzed many businesses, and found two main causes of inconsistent sales. Here are the causes and how to correct them:

Reason 1 for inconsistent sales is not having enough business prospects. To have your business generates sales on a consistent basis, you need to create a stream of prospects constantly coming to your business. Since not every business prospect is going to buy from you, you need to have many prospects coming to your business and web site every single day. Some of these prospects will turn into buyers, while others will not. Having a large daily stream of prospects at your web site will help you generate consistent sales.

There are many online marketing techniques that you can use to attract prospects to your web site. One of the best ones is publishing an effective newsletter on a regular basis. When you publish an effective newsletter you are able to keep in touch with your potential customers and prospects on a regular basis. 

As they receive your newsletters on a regular basis, they learn more about you and how you can help them. When the time comes for them to make a purchase, they know they are going to buy from you.

Publish an effective newsletter on a regular basis. It will help you bring more people to your business web site.

Reason 2 for inconsistent sales is your web site prospects do not turn into customers. I have met many business owners who have a lot of traffic coming to their web site, but they still don't have consistent sales. If your web site gets a lot of web site visitors, but you don't get enough sales, you look into your web copy. Your web copy is what makes a difference between a prospect buying your product or a prospect not buying from you and moving on to the next web site instead.

Review your web copy and re-write it into web copy that sells. Do this and you will turn many of your web site visitors into customers.

Start working on getting consistent online sales! Consistent sales mean more money, more clients and a stress-free life.

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