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Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

How to Build your Opt-In List

How to Build your Opt-In List

By Wayne Van Dyck

To get an email list, some companies decide to send customers a free newsletter. Yet there are many other ways to get email addresses. Having a newsletter doesn't always make sense for your company. For instance, if you happen to sell microwaves, how much information could you send your customers, daily, on microwaves? So, well explore a few other options for increasing your email list.

You could run a contest. The objective, puzzle, game, or task should be easy and straightforward so that you don't confuse or frustrate the customer and you still get their email address in the end.

A free eBook as a great incentive to collect email addresses. People love getting free things, especially eBooks on topics that interest them. Remember your eBook doesn't have to be 100 pages long it can be five to ten pages. That length will work just fine.

A great way to collect email addresses is to survey the customer. You can find out what the customer likes and dislikes and also what they have problems with or need answers to.

You should advertise your opt-in offer in an e-zine or classified ad. It actually isn't that expensive and if you find the right place to advertise, you could quickly see dramatic results.

An email signature or electronic signature, otherwise know as a sig file, is a three to six line footer that you can add to the bottom of each email message you send out with your name, personal info, company info, website, and a free report with a link attached. You will be pleasantly surprised how many visitors you get this way. Be sure that you track where you are getting your traffic by the different links you send out.

A customer will have no problem providing you with their name and email address if they are interested in downloading an article from your web site. They will love to receive more articles from you or have access to a members only area of your site with plenty of resources.

You should offer your customers a free course or a free download to collect email addresses. They will appreciate and love to get something for free. Customers who opt-in when something free is being offered think to themselves what have I got to lose. It a great deal for both of you.

Wayne Van Dyck is a former venture capitalist and builder of offline technology companies. He is the founder and developer of Simple Money Machines. Simple Money Machines is all the money making technologies in one, easy-to-use, hosted application… enabling non-technical people to set up online businesses in less than 30 minutes. It's made for people with 9-5 jobs, retired folks, stay-at-home moms and college students. To get a FREE copy of “STARTING A HOME BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE", go to:

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