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Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

The 4 Major Principles in Selling

by Leslie Johnston 
As in any other industry there are major principles, or codes that are used in order to be successful. These principles are used as a standard or foundation to rely on for success in that industry. There are 4 major principles in selling.

Top Quality Product or Service – First off if you are not selling a top quality product or service then you will never become a top quality sales person. You will need to think about the honesty and integrity of what you are doing. It is absolutely crucial that you have a top quality product or service, especially if you are trying to develop a niche market.

Top Quality Company- Every company will say that they are the best at what they do. The best ways to ensure on the quality of a company would be to ask the customers. Research and see if they have problems in inferior products, service, sales, and deliveries, warranties, or after-sales services. Ensure that the company has coordination and cooperation between the different departments. Most of the times companies fail at providing quality service because of the lack of communication within the company it self.

Ideal Customer Profile- It is vital that you do know your ideal customer profile, the one that suits you and your business. If you don’t already know, then start working on that right now. How can you possibly sell successfully if you don’t know who is the best type of person to sell to?

Credibility- Credibility in your Marketplace, the only to get it is by having a good product or service, Honesty, Integrity, it really is simple, just treat your customers the way you would want to be treated. It may take years in some cases to build up a good name and reputation, but a bad one can be had over night.

So in closing I would like to encourage you to use these 4 major principles in selling, and laying them down as your foundation in the sales market, and when you employ these principles you will be on your path to success!

This is the foundation of you business and/or success, that is why I cover it in detail first in my hands on training workshops

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Yours in Success
Leslie Johnston


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